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About Steve’s Fishing Instruction Service:

Steve Herbeck is one of modern musky history’s most prolific anglers and educators. In a recent voting poll by a panel of his peers at the Chicago Musky Show Steve was voted as one of the top 10 musky anglers of modern times and often referred to as a living legend in the sport. Besides being highly regarded for his instruction and sought as an educator, seminar speaker, writer, and innovator, his influences have explored and developed through the years many presentations and philosophies now considered by many as gospel.

Steve has been obsessed with Muskies since he was 12 years old when his father “Big Dan” first took him on his first trip with “the guys” to Squirrel Lake in WI’s Vilas County and he boated his first of thousands.

His professional career started in the mid ’80s when in his words “ I had to do something, I was so consumed with chasing Muskies I was constantly trying to get out of work to do it. I knew if I didn’t take the leap and give it try I would not only not be happy but I would soon go broke”.

The southern WI lakes and rivers were quietly becoming musky meccas and the Madison chain right in his backyard at the time had an exploding hybrid tiger fishery. With the increasing interest in those fisheries along with periodic safaris to N WI and some great catches his business grew to full time. His love for and the lure of the WI Northwoods drew him and he moved to famous Boulder Jct. in Vilas county WI to take the next step. From 1987 thru 1992 ,5 years, Steve’s clients twice boated the largest musky caught in the state of WI, a 55 ½” 43#6oz by Jack Clifton 1987 and a 53” 47#10oz by Steve White in 1991 which was also the largest fish recorded in North America for that year along with many others in the top ten during that time.

The next evolution took place with the purchase of Andy Myers Lodge and a move to Ontario’s World Famous Eagle Lake. The lure of course was world record class muskies. From 1993 to 2013 he not only guided 5-6 days a week but worked 7 days a week building AML into one of the premier fishing destinations in NW Ontario with an emphasis on of course…trophy muskies. After 20 years. and approaching retirement years in Steve’s words “AML was getting so popular it turned into a monster and just kept growing… and I let it, till it kept growing far beyond my visions and I realized if I wanted to continue to pursue my true passion in life it was time to pass the torch as a resort owner.

Staying on with the new owners Julian and Nicky Kalka as a consultant, doing guest seminars, training new guides, and guiding 6-7 days a week with his old guests and friends might seem like a full-time job but Steve says ” it’s like being on vacation compared to what I was responsible for before and I get to chase giant muskies on one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet”. During that 27 year span, Steve and his clients have boated literally hundreds of 50”+ muskies and 51 going over that magical 40# mark to up and over 50 #s.

Coming full circle, Steve is also now also spending time with angling stints in his old stomping grounds of S/SW WI lakes namely some of the best and exploding Midwest fisheries. The Madison Chain, Lake WI, and the WI River, as well as other nearby Midwest emerging trophy fisheries, and of course stints in N WI Vilas County on the many lakes where Steve first forged his history and reputation. Regardless of where you step into Steve’s boat, you will have made a great choice for not only a great time but a productive, memorable, and learning fishing experience.

About Steve’s Seminars/Speaking Engagements/Promotions, and Consulting Services:

Steve is a highly sought-after, cutting-edge, and informative speaker.
Contact Steve for seminars, fund raisers, in-store or factory promotions, and fishing or tourism industry consulting and training.

2024 Preliminary Schedule

Dates of  schedules and destinations:

April 1- May 20 walleye and multi-species,  Madison Chain, Lake Wisconsin, Wisconsin River

Southern WI ( Madison Chain, Wi River Nekoosa to Sauk city, Lake Wi, Red Stone, Twin Valley, Little and Big Green
Musky, Pike
May 4- June 4
Sept 15-29
Dec 1-15

Northern WI  (Vilas County)
June 1- July 6
Sept 14-29
Nov 8-21

Eagle Lake Ont  – Andy Myers Lodge. Guest Fishing Instructor
July 10 – September 10
Oct 1- Nov 1

Every season seems to instill even more desire and great times.
2023 was no exception with good fish boated at all destination locations and we look forward to an even better one this year!!
I look forward to sharing the boat and the great outdoors with you!


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