Where I Fish

Lake and Locations

Madison Chain

Lake Mendota, Madison, WI 53706, USA

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Twin Valley

Twin Valley Lake, Dodgeville, WI, USA

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Wisconsin River

Castle Rock Lake, Wisconsin, USA

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St Germain

Big Saint Germain Lake, St. Germain, WI, USA

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Eagle River

Eagle River, WI, USA

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Boulder Junction

Boulder Junction, WI, USA

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Lac Du Flambeau

Lac du Flambeau, WI, USA

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Manitowish Waters

2799-2785 Tri Lake Rd, Lac Du Flambeau, WI 54538, USA

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Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

Vermilion Bay, ON, Canada

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2024 US

A unique and versatile aspect of Steve’s 35 yrs. of experience is the dimension of being able to fish vastly different locations and experiences from a short drive relatively close to home for a quick 1-2 day trip depending on where you live in S /Central WI to a 1-3 day trip or a longer 3-6 day vacation in N WI‘s Vilas Cty or a 4-7 day vacation trip to the northern wilderness of Canada’s Eagle Lake. Whatever works for your schedule, preferred area, or what you want to learn and experience, Herbie can set it up for you.

South West/Central Wisconsin

Madison Chain, Twin Valley, WI River , Redstone Lake, Green Lake and other emerging trophy fisheries in Southwestern WI, Southern WI  and Central WI ( inquire as to specific opportunities and dates )

Dates: June-Dec

May 4- June 4
Sept 15-29
Dec 1-15

(1-5 days guiding)
Lodging: Contact Steve and he will arrange for you anything from a comfortable motel, campground, or resort near the destination picked to fish.

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Vilas County, Wisconsin

St Germain, Eagle River, Boulder Jct, Lac Du Flambeau, Manitowish Waters area lakes

Dates: specific days each month from June 1 – November 21 (N WI Vilas County)
June 1- July 6
Sept 14-29
Nov 8-21)

1-6 day trips (1-5 day guiding)

For lodging contact Steve or St. Germain Lodge

Beautiful rooms or condos with lake view, dining, and lounge.

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2024 Canada

Eagle Lake Ont Canada

Steve will conduct daily fishing instruction, in lodge seminars, personal tips, and map marking
July 10-Sept 10 , Oct 1-Nov 1

For lodging contact Andy Myers Lodge

Full-service lodging (meals or housekeeping), dining, cabins, lounge, boat rentals

Dates: July 10 – Sept 10 and Oct 1-  Nov 1

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